I still think of you at night
very often
and it still makes my heart flutter
when I think about the very first day
and every day after
and I still feel the pain
when I reread the messages
in my head
but I have to say,
I don’t hate any of these feelings
at all.
It’s weird to me.
I usually want to run away
from it all
whenever my heart gets a little beating.
Yet, this time I want to stay.
I don’t think there’s one day that passes
where you don’t make a grand entrance
through the doors of my mind.
I wonder how long it will be
before I stop wondering
about what you are doing at the moment
or if you think about me too.
Just the thoughts of you make me happy
and maybe I am being stubborn,
holding onto something
that probably won’t blossom,
but I can’t help but cling
onto the hope that maybe another door will open
when this one closes.

(via mingdliu)